Anonymous asked: If i got the chance to hang out with you... I would sing my heart out and serenade you... DMX - where the hood at. Acoustic version, of course

Lmao. I’m glad you know the right song to my heart

Anonymous asked: If I can make animal balloons.. I would make you an elephant balloon. Because elephants are awesome. And you're awesome. So you're an elephant?.... You're welcome

Hahah best compliment evarr.

Anonymous asked: Do you think you guys will get back together?..

I don’t think so

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry about that. He lost an angel.. You seem like you're still hung on him. I hope you're ok

I’m okay, thanks.

Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful! Your bf is seriously one lucky guy

you’re too sweet. I don’t have a bf, but it really means a lot that you took the time to compliment me D:

decided to share my Monday scribbles. #reminders

ended up in Vegas this weekend. 😏 #7on


slight obsession w him.

newest member of the yang gang 🐶

s’mores mocha 😋 (at Hash House a Go Go)